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Our Story

Freshman Year ’91

At 3:00am after a long night on 6th Street in Austin, we were hungry for chicken wings. Although wing joints were abundant in the South, we were shocked to find none in Austin. We decided that if no one else had the pluck to do it, we’d have to develop the concept ourselves.

Junior Year ’93

We knew we had a great idea when at the Silver Spurs Chili Cookoff we were the only booth not to serve chili, but we had the longest line. Hundreds of hungry University of Texas students gave us their feedback and we sold out of the 1000 pounds of wings we had cooked at our fraternity house that morning. That was when we decided to get serious about making our dream a reality.

Taking Care of Business

We put together around $100,000 and built the original location on Rio Grande with our own hands and cheap labor (like Mark’s brother and our future partner Sean). We opened for business on Sunday, July 23rd, exactly one day after we graduated from college.

Grand Opening

Our first customer was Vinnie Pilegge and he ordered 10 Buffalo Medium Wings and fries. When we sold out of chicken that first day and had to close early, we knew we had something special on our hands. Now all we had to do was figure out how to manage people, learn accounting, develop manuals, learn to train people, understand marketing, etc. etc. etc.

That First Year

The original plan was that Mark and Dave would greet the customers out front and our employees would do the rest. Unfortunately, we realized quickly that we didn’t know anything about the restaurant business. The next 2 years we spent in the kitchen working 100 hours a week!

People Started to Talk About Our Wings…

We are consistently recognized as the best sports bar and chicken wing restaurant in the cities we are located. In fact, in January of 2012, USA Today named Pluckers one of the “Top 10 Wing Restaurants” in America. Later that year, ESPN named Pluckers one of the Top 5 Sports Bars in North America.

…So Then We Opened a Few More Stores

Our goal is to spread Pluckers across Texas, Louisiana and beyond. We believe that no other restaurant in America has the same combination of homemade food and a great atmosphere for watching sports. We think that every sports and wing fan deserves a chance to enjoy Pluckers. We hope you agree!

Thank You for Letting us Wing it

-Sean, Mark & Dave